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Cloud Painter

In 2003 I exhibited at the Palacio Almudí in Murcia (Spain) my first collection of clouds under the title "Cloud Watchers". I started painting clouds many years ago as a way of relaxing between one painting and another, little sketches for my own and daily use in order to be hung at home. Pictures that were not intended for shows at art galleries or museums, but that I have finally shown as they have become the main part of my work.

One day I wondered what I was painting, when I found in the internet my friend John Day, Mr.Cloudman, the lord of the clouds, an old scientist who started working as a meteorologist during the Pacific War and has spent his whole life in studying and classifying the clouds. Thanks to him I knew the ten reasons for watching clouds, and I noticed for the first time the wonderful watercolours of Luke Howard, the English chemist who, in 1803, stated for good the classification of clouds we all know today: cirruses, cumuli, strata and nimbuses. These four big branches subdivide themselves forming a huge tree in which the slightest cotton tuft on the sky might have a name and four or five surnames.

John Day was my intoducer into this world, and thereafter I have known many other astronauts, pilots, seamen, professors or simple dilettants who enjoy clouds. Many of them send me cloud photographs just in case I can use them for my paintings. I don´t do so, because I like to see how the fate works against the visual memory when I paint, but it is always pleasant to have this connection with them. I called them "Cloud Watchers", and I dedicated these series of paintings to them.

Lately, the clouds are taking recognizable shapes in my paintings, as it happens when children play trying to find a dog in the sky, or a castle or any other thing. That is Nephelococcygia: the interpretation of the shapes of clouds. The Greek "nephelokokkygia" comes from "nephele" (cloud) and "kokkyx" (cuckoo), and it is the name of an imaginary city planned to be built in the sky in the comedy "The birds" (414 BC) by Aristophanes. So the word could be translated literally as "Cloudscuckooville". In time, it has come to mean an imaginary city or, more recently, La-la Land. Even being a proper name, in the Anglo-Saxon world it is also in use as an adjective. This way, it is said that someone is suffering nephelococcygic delusions when he is only building castles in the air. In fact, Aristophanes´ birds spend all the comedy planning how to build the city, but they never do it...

The first part of the "Cloud Watchers" series was showed at the Palacio Almudí in Murcia in February, 2003. A second part of it was exhibited at the Museo Cortijo de Miraflores in Marbella in October, 2003. A third part with the "Nephelococcygia" series was showed at the Museo Gustavo de Maeztu in Estella (Navarra) in July, 2005. More recently, the elliptical series formed by paintings wrapped in methacrylate has been shown at Luis Gurriaran art gallery in Madrid ( april, 2006) and at Chys Gallery in Murcia (September, 2006). It is an open series that is growing day after day. Some of these paintings have appeared in recently shooted films like "La noche del hermano" by Santiago García de Leániz or "Reinas" by Manuel Gómez Pereira, both premiered in 2005.

On 2006 I have had the opportunity to paint big murals on all kind of surfaces, from the big wood panels (55 square meters) that cover a huge facade in Los Llanos de Aridane, La Palma island near Tenerife, by commission of the CEMFAC ( A permanent Museum in the streets of the town), up to the wall paintings over the stairs (70 square meters) of a palatial house in Murcia, or the 12 square meters ceramic wall painting for a petrol station in Torre Pacheco, Murcia. You can visit all of them in situ or in this web site. But there is a very special one that only here is showed: The Ephemeral Wall Painting. I painted it as part of my exhibition at Luis Gurriarán Art Gallery in Madrid, and after one month it disappeared. It could not be otherwise, for this is the nature of the clouds, always changeable, ephemeral and unrepeatable

Jorge Fin.

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